We make films that tell your stories with heart and impact.

We make films that tell your stories with heart and impact.

Shout about the things that matter!

If you’re running a campaign around one of the key issues of today, think how powerful a film, sitting at the heart of that campaign, could be.

Here are some clips from films I made to support campaigns around: Safety, International Women’s day, Black History Month, waste management and recycling, conservation and wildlife.

Cause a scene!

A short, scripted drama can provide emotive and entertaining content that can really drive a message home like nothing else.

This could be a dramatised re-enactment of real events, or a fictional story carefully written to highlight a campaign’s themes.

To add another dimension, this could be intercut with interviews of members of staff. Interweaving real life experience with our filmed story.

Let your people shine!

Your company’s people are its best asset, show them off!

They know their subject inside out and can talk about it with passion.

A simple question and answer interview or a short mini-documentary about them, their role and its importance to the company can make for engaging content and help the company to appear a desirable employer or business partner.